The Higgins Labor Studies Program at the University of Notre Dame promotes justice and dignity for workers through education, outreach, and research. 

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The Higgins Program is a part of the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame. 

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Chuck Craypo Memorial Lecture and Workshops:
Combining Research and Activism for Social Justice

October 10-11, 2013
University of Notre Dame

The Higgins Labor Studies Program honored the late Chuck Craypo, Professor of Economics and founding DirectoChuck Craypo, economist and first director of Higginsr of the Higgins Program, with a lecture and several workshops on Thursday, October 10th and Friday, October 11th.  Craypo devoted his career to improving the lives of working people.  

To honor his legacy, the Higgins Labor Studies Program is initiating an annual event that brings together researchers and activists to lead a series of lectures, workshops, and conversations around a compelling theme related to social justice.

The inaugural Craypo Conference focused on Walmart’s low-wage model and how workers are responding to improve their wages and working conditions.  Chuck was writing a book on "the high cost of low prices" when he passed away unexpectedly several years ago.  At the public lecture, historian Nelson Lichtenstein explained how Walmart has transformed the retail industry and labor activist Dan Schlademan outlined how these changes have affected strategies for organizing Walmart workers.  In addition to delivering remarks at a joint  lecture open to the public, they met with groups of faculty, staff, students, and labor and community members in separate sessions. 

Watch the public lecture: Wal-Mart and Beyond:  Changing Labor Markets and Innovative Labor Organizing with Nelson Lichtenstein and Dan Schlademan:


Labor Day 2013

It's Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

A commentary by Marty Wolfson, director of the Higgins program

USCCB Annual Labor Day Statement 2013

Written by Bishop Stephen Blaire

"Labor Day is an opportunity to take stock of the ways workers are honored and respected. Earlier this year, Pope Francis pointed out, "Work is fundamental to the dignity of a person. . . . It gives one the ability to maintain oneself, one's family, to contribute to the growth of one's own nation." Unfortunately, millions of workers today are denied this honor and respect as a result of unemployment, underemployment, unjust wages, wage theft, abuse, and exploitation....

The pain of the poor and those becoming poor in the rising economic inequality of our society is mounting. Therefore, on this Labor Day 2013, let us renew our commitment to promote the dignity of the human person through work that is honorable, pays just wages, and recognizes the God-given dignity of the working person."

The full statement can also be found at http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/human-life-and-dignity/labor-employment/labor-day-statement-2013.cfm.